GOP Voters Nominate Common-sense Conservative Thom Tillis to Defeat Kay Hagan

Tonight, North Carolina Republicans sent a very clear message to Washington liberal Kay Hagan by nominating common-sense conservative businessman Thom Tillis as their candidate to defeat her in November.

Hagan and Harry Reid burned $3.8 million to launch false and misleading attacks against Tillis, a blatant attempt to meddle in the primary and prevent Tillis from securing the nomination. Those attempts completely backfired, and now Hagan is faced with her worst nightmare: a general election matchup against Thom Tillis, which begins tonight.

The general election gives North Carolinians a clear choice, and Hagan will no longer be able to run away from her failed record.

Hagan has been a rubber stamp for President Obama’s liberal agenda, voting with him 96 percent of the time over the last two years, and giving him the decisive vote he needed to pass Obamacare. Hagan, like Obama, spent years promoting what has since been called the “Lie of the Year,” promising North Carolinians they could keep the health coverage they liked, while knowing full well the opposite was true.

Tillis grew up in a working class family and spent most of his career as a businessman, outside politics. He’s shook the state’s political system as the leader of a state legislative takeover. In office, he built a record as a pragmatic conservative reformer who cleaned up Hagan’s mess in Raleigh, and now he is ready to do the same in Washington.

“Middle class voters in North Carolina have paid the price as Senator Kay Hagan’s time in Washington has been filled with one broken promise after another,” said Thom Tillis. “Senator Hagan has supported President Obama’s failed agenda every step of the way, and her liberal voting record is simply out of touch with North Carolina. Unlike Senator Hagan, I will work across party lines to pass an agenda focused on generating growth and opportunities for middle-class families and small businesses, just as I’ve done here in North Carolina. As Senator Hagan runs away from her partisan liberal record, I’m proud to run on my record of making North Carolina competitive in a 21st century economy by reforming a broken tax code, providing regulatory relief to create better jobs, and controlling runaway spending.”


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